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Camp Rayim's Unofficial Site


To contact us please email camprayimsite@gmail.com or fill out a form.

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Your privacy is very very important to us! If you have any problems with the content on the site please contact us immediately.

About CRUS:

CRUS was  created in 2009 when many staff members in camp Rayim came to the conclusion that the entire Rayim family needed a better way to communicate and keep in touch throughout the year. And Camp Rayim's Unofficial Site was born. The site is constantly being updated and experimented with. if you have any ideas or suggestions please conatact us. We also request that anyone who has any media from camp to please send it to us. Any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at camprayimsite@gmail.com.

Due to a request from camp, we are no longer able to send out applications for new (and old) campers. For an application please call the camp's winter offices (number below).